Gary Johnson will be Seeking Libertarian Nomination for President

Gary Johnson will quit the Republican primaries and seek the Libertarian Party nomination instead. The former two-term governor from New Mexico claims he’s been “shafted” by the GOP in spite of his status as being a popular and successful governor of a state and a resume that included budget cuts, a balanced budget and economic growth.
Johnson has complained that the GOP left him out of all but two debates and often did not even list his name on internal party polling that determined access to the debates. Johnson has had his own problems, however, raising less money than any other frontline candidate.
As a result of his disillusionment, Johnson is joining the Libertarian Party, a party that is already more in tune with his liberal social views including being pro-choice & pro-LGBT. Whether Johnson will be a factor nationwide remains to be seen, but he will certainly be a factor in New Mexico where early polls indicate he could win 20 percent of the vote.
If elected president Johnson promises to slash spending and taxes and government interference in the economy. Independently wealthy, Johnson successfully built a home repair business into a 1,000 employee enterprise. He also is a noted athlete adventurer, accomplishing such feats as climbing Mount Everest and competing in triathlons.

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