Bossy Frog Band Socko at Lafayette Theatre has them Dancing in the Aisles

I bravely took my seat in the second row at the fabulous Lafayette Theatre in Suffern last Thursday morning at 11 a.m., anxiously awaiting my milk and cookies and surrounded by hundreds of very excited kiddies, mommies and daddies, and grandmas and grandpas, as the Bossy Frog Band came on stage and performed for 75 minutes.
Jeffrey Freidberg and band members Alice and Joe came out with their banjo, violin, guitar and gazoo, started strumming, and from there on out it was pure fun. Bossy Frog came dancing out and the audience went wild…along came Monkey and later Crabby Crab and the kids, from two or three years up, were dancing in the aisles, all around me. I almost got up to dance too!!!
Almost 600 were at the theatre for this amazing family performance by the band that performs about 250 shows a year in the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey area. Bossy Frog had the kids and parents and grandparents clapping their hands. Jeffrey, Alice and Joe led them in an exercise party number. Alice later on was to put on a hula hoop, swung it round and round as she played her violin. Then came the “Arms Up and Arms Down” song, the shouting song with Bossy Frog dancing and shouting, leading the audience.
There was an “Exercise the Brain” number about the library and later Freidberg brought out his flute and it was “Name That Tune” and the kids knew them all. There also was a tune about beach parties and “The Stop” song and “The Twist.” Lots of energy and happiness filled the room and a good time was had by all.
And by the way, I got my milk and cookies on the way out as did all the kiddies and I was one of them for one bright 75 minutes at the Lafayette Theatre in Suffern.  Four Out Of Four Stars!!!!

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