QuickChek Has Eyes on 9W Expansion

The rundown site of the former Middle Hope Drive-In movie theater on Route 9W in the Town of Newburgh is being redeveloped into a QuickChek store.

Site work is underway laying the foundation for the store, which will be on five acres of the 11 acre property. The 6,500 SF store will become the latest in the Hudson Valley for the New Jersey-based company that bills itself as a neighborhood shopping destination for fresh dairy, sliced deli and fill-in grocery products, as well as gasoline sales.

“The sleeping giant of Route 9W has come alive with development of this new store,” said Richard Lease, of John J. Lease Realtors, who brokered the sale of the property.

QuickChek is also investigating a site on Rt. 9W in Stony Point for a possible new franchise. Any new QuickChek at the proposed Stony Point site would require the demolition of the building that houses Las Margaritas Mexican restaurant. The beautiful old building has nostalgic value and aesthetic appeal to many residents.

QuickChek has yet to purchase the property and the plan has not been approved by the Town of Stony Point, which must provide a special permit for a gas station.

“Route 9W is an area we felt was underserved with the kind of services we offer,” said Robert Vallario, president for Real Estate for QuickChek.

This will be the 11th regional store for the New Jersey-based QuickChek with stores in Middletown, New Windsor, Kingston, Town of Ulster, and now, Town of Newburgh. “Moving to the Hudson Valley is a natural progression for us, adjacent to our home area, so it makes sense to us,” said Vallario.

(Press Release from QuickChek corporation, with edits and additional information by Rockland County Times)

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