Rockland Represents at Annual March for Life


Special to the Rockland County Times

It was the morning of January 23, 2012. It is cold and icy, we are tired as we leave Rockland County for the March for Life in Washington DC. We travel from all parts of the US, the March of all Faiths, who plead, pray and reason for justice, for the end of the murders, the murders of innocent babies. Thirty-nine years have passed, 50 million children have died!

Those who believe in abortion do not call them murders, they talk about preventing poverty and abuse. Murder is never the remedy for those correctible things. They talk about freedom of choice and convenience, when a mother and father who choose murder will never be free of that guilt of their choice, without the intervention of God.

As far as room on the Earth, we only use 1/10 of the land that God has given us, no nation can claim that excuse. Nor can we expect the mercy of God for that horrible sin. Those who are against war or the death penalty for guilty criminals, have no problem of conscience allowing the killing of innocent babies! They enable those who kill for profit.

Planned Parenthood is the largest culprit worldwide, profiting in the billions.

People are blinded, many do not know the facts. They elected a president whose first act was to take the ban off partial birth abortion! A procedure that is barbaric! No one wants to hear the gruesome facts. A baby is turned around in a mother’s womb, pulled by its feet until its head is visible, then its brains extracted till the baby goes limp. That procedure was banned years ago as the most barbaric, and yet President Obama made it legal again, without conscience of what he was doing.

All is the burden of why we go to March for Life. The holocaust, the killing fields, and all the atrocities that will tempt mankind continues; most look back and say how could we allow it! Yet among us every day just in the US we allow 4,500 babies to die.

We must stop this.

Any nation who allows the killing of babies is doomed! We want to live in Freedom, protect our Families and someday go to Heaven. On judgement day what will we say to God, what excuse could we give? We soldiers of Faith must stand up with the Truth! We marched that day surrounded by many young people, we marched with hope in our hearts, rain and cold did not stop us, 400,000 strong.

We remember that forgiveness is possible, but only when we repent and then God will show us mercy, for ourselves and for our nation. “If my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, I will forgive their sins and heal them and their land” – Bible “By his stripes we are healed” – Bible

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