Whoever the Republicans pick to run for president had better realize that they will be running against the hardcore Communist Party that has taken over the Democratic Party and now runs the White House and a good part of both houses of Congress. Whoever denies this is living in a dream world and had better wake up before the country turns out like Communist Russia or Venezuela, etc. Our freedoms will be lost and we will have to take orders from a central government about many things. Just look at all the rules and regulations that Communist Obama and his fellow travelers have already imposed on the country and its workings, supposedly because they know what is best.

They will be quite vicious and mean in order to maintain and expand their control over the country. Their fellow travelers in the media will do all they can to help the Communists retain control. Shame on all of them. Remember, we lost more than 100,000 dead and many thousands wounded in Korea and Vietnam fighting the Communists. The people in this country were fooled into electing a Communist as president by empty promises of hope and change which were never identified.

The future of freedom in this country is at stake. The good citizens will be subject to all kind of lies and deceit and possible physical violence by the Communists in order to maintain control. Do not let the vermin succeed no matter what. Attack, attack, attack.

Carl J. Carlson, 87-years-old “and not senile”

From Houston, Texas with two sisters and extended family living in Rockland County


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