Miele’s Musing — Obama, Look For Another Job!


Wake up, American voters! Forget about voting for the president because of his speeches. He’s good at telling his audiences what they want to hear. How has he been at acting on all his talk?

I’d like to remind President Obama that he is not a king, he is President of the United States, and that means doing the will of the people, not that the people should do for him.

He wants to pass laws that tax the wealthy, who are already paying more taxes than the millions of other taxpayers put together. Oh, and did he forget that we have more than 40 million non-working non-taxpayers collecting checks from our tax dollars? The millionaires and taxpaying workers are supporting them all.

Obama brings to my mind Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who is touted as having been great, but remember, I lived through his presidency. I remember him being one of the worst we’ve had in my lifetime. He was a socialist, and he held great respect for Communist Russia. I am going to show you that historians are making a huge mistake, when they make Franklin Roosevelt out to be a hero.

When Roosevelt was President, he raised the income taxes so high that he kept the Great Depression going. A person like my father, who worked so hard to get a job—can you imagine, if he made $10,000 for the whole year, supporting a family of five children in the Depression-era Bronx, he still had to pay over 25 percent in income taxes. I’ve used this tax-rate chart before, and here it is again. Roosevelt put these rates in place.

Now we have Obama and his helpers, who have ideas, but not enough brains to see what those ideas will do to the country, like kids who think they can build a tower of blocks to the moon. Franklin Roosevelt’s big brain almost destroyed our country. His great idea was to “tax the rich,” up to 92 percent of their income. Because of that dumb Roosevelt, the biggest earners in our economy found that they were working for the government. When they found that running big businesses and keeping big investments did not pay, they closed down factories and took their money out of the bank. This resulted, I’m convinced, in an unemployment rate much higher than the reported 20 percent—I believe it was more like 30 percent. The only people with jobs were working for the government, either directly or through Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration. Even in the WPA, you could only work two weeks a month.

The Second World War, not Franklin Roosevelt, saved the country from the Depression. American industry became viable and valuable again. But nearly half a million drafted soldiers died, and many more came home unable to work. World War II, and every war that used draftees, caused what I call the brain drain. Uncountable bright young Americans, who might otherwise have gone into business or contributed to American industry, were wasted. Those who came home, even if they were uninjured, had lost the opportunity for education. Roosevelt was responsible for the United States losing an entire generation of skilled workers. If it wasn’t for the real Americans and hard-working legal immigrants who rebuilt our nation after the War, the rest of us would not be here.

Since Obama has been president, we’ve had rampant unemployment. We’ve gotten into wars all over the world. And now he has Congress and the states struggling with these socialist health care laws. Why is he undermining everything our nation stands for?

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