T.E.A. TIME with Anthony Mele: Why America Needs Leadership Now


“We herd sheep, we drive cattle, we lead people. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.”

– General George S. Patton

The true measure of a leader is not by how many followers they have, but by how many more leaders they make. America needs quality leadership now. I will state the obvious because for some the obvious eludes them.

What I know of leadership, I learned by leading, by following and by challenging the status quo. I have joined with fellow patriots around the country, in a revival of Constitutional principles and resurgence of our founding documents in the phenomenon affectionately called; Tea Party.

As a US Army veteran, I was taught leaders cross-train their peers to make more leaders. We Americans are the last free people on Earth making us the most threatened people on Earth as well. The Tea Party impact in the 2010 mid-term elections upset the status quo because we refused to be herded as voter sheep and driven like tax cattle. As a result, Tea Party Republicans won party primaries and re-took the US House of Representatives.

Leaders do not always win the battle, but they always lead the charge. Leaders do not always win elections, but they always lead the debate. Leaders do not always make right decisions, but they’re always willing to make decisions. Patton said of this: “If a man does his best, what else is there?”

Sadly, America is not suffering from lack of resources, lack of money, lack of talent, or lack of solutions. What this generation of Americans is lacking is true leadership. We are experiencing sheep herders and cattle drivers posing as political leadership.

The Tea Party patriots arising around the nation are rebelling against the status quo political leadership from every party. The party elites are in a panic striving to retain their positions.

Here is proof: Redistricting of Assembly, Congressional and Senate districts are drawn for little more than incumbent protection. It is a vain attempt to circumvent the election process, deny the voters their choice of candidates. It is a screaming indictment of failed leadership.

Tax hikes to generate revenue to cover spending deficits, when spending cuts are what is required, is another screaming indictment of failed leadership, too fearful to make hard decisions. Back room deals between party elites to engage in non-aggression pacts, that compromise core constitutional principles, at the expense of our traditional liberties and inalienable rights are another screaming indictment of failed leadership.

Local municipalities imposing foreign agendas under the guise of environmental protection that attempt to pierce the shell of the US Constitution, is a vile and insidious abrogation of leadership that violates the public trust at our doorstep.

Any groups of political officials, who wantonly violate the Bill of Rights by letter or spirit, betray their oath of office. They should be challenged and removed without delay. The final arbiter of our freedom and our laws is not the government, it is “We The People..”

Reagan said: “Freedom is not passed along in the bloodstream…” What he meant by that was if we permit the gradual erosion, infringement, alienation, separation or diminishment of any of our inalienable rights in our time, we have denied it to the next generation for all time. It is so precious and fragile that if it is lost now, it may never again be recovered. That is why we need to be a nation of leaders and not followers.

Alexander the Great said: “I do not fear a nation of lions led by a sheep, I fear a nation of sheep, led by a lion.” Our continued survival as a nation of Free People is directly depended upon your willingness to be the generation that led America and not the one that failed America. The choice is yours; “lead, follow or get out of the way.”

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