Hey Rocklanders Here’s Your Chance to Make a Dream Come True and Star in a Local Theatre Production

The Steinbeck classic will be directed by Brooke Malloy and on stage at the Tom France Theatre at Antrim Playhouse on Spook Rock Road in Wesley Hills next June.
– Casting for the roles of George: (30s-40s)protective and literate man, older brother type, takes care of Lennie, struggles with himself and friend.
– Lennie: (30s-40s) big strong man, mentally disabled, child at heart and mind, depends on George, childlike in his defiance, innocent.
– Slim: (40s-50s) tall slender and physically fit, leader of the workers, befriends George, man of few words, confident, caring.
– Curley: (mid 20s-30s) short man, feisty, looking for a fight, intense, immature, can’t handle his wife, mistakenly goes after Lennie.
– Curley’s wife: (20s) young, beautiful, bored, gave up dream of being in the movies for Curley, unhappy, flirty, ignored, drawn to Lennie, loves attention from men who work at the farm.
– Candy: (70s) old ranch hand, disabled from accident, loves his old dog, weak to peer pressure, helps George and Lennie with their dream.
– Carlson: (40s-60s) another laborer, impatient with Candy and his dog, emphatic, firm sense of justice, minimally sociable.
– Crooks: (40s-60s) African-American, stable hand, good with tools, smart, socially isolated because of his race, oppressed, tolerates Lennie, good man.
– The Boss: (60s) no nonsense guy, used to working with laborers, drifters, abrupt, short fuse.
– Whit: (20s) young laborer, good natured, more follower than leader, innocent guy, information on dates at antrimplayhouse.com. Auditions will be at Atrim Playhouse.

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