Don’t miss the show—the bulldozers are out in full force whacking off large chunks of the old Nanuet Mall. It seems they’ve settled on the former location of Bosco’s to begin their dirty business. We have not received a timetable for when demolition will be completed, but Simon Properties is hoping to open the new mall plaza by the end of 2013 at last check.


Nanuet Mall Park & Ride to Close on March 1


Due to the pending construction project at the Nanuet Mall site, the Department of Planning & Public Transportation is advising commuters who use the Nanuet Mall Park & Ride that the lot will be closed effective today, Thursday, March 1, 2012.


The county has secured an alternate Park & Ride facility at the Rockland Plaza shopping center, which is located across Route 59 opposite the Mall. The primary designated commuter parking area includes 58 spaces located on Westbound Route 59, closest to Route 59, adjacent to the Nanuet diner between Barnes and Noble and the Cigar Store. An additional 22 spaces have been designated behind PETCO.


Coach USA buses will serve this lot on WESTBOUND Route 59 at the bus shelter ONLY. Coach USA buses will no longer be picking up on EASTBOUND Route 59 in front of the Nanuet Mall. Commuters may call Coach USA at 800-631-8405 x1320 if they have questions or concerns.


Parking will be free of charge and permits will not be required. Commuters must park only in the spaces designated for commuter parking. A description of the designated commuter parking areas has been shared with commuters and a diagram has been posted to the County’s Public Transportation website ( (Diagram is also attached below). Commuter vehicles parked on private property not designated as official Park & Ride spaces can be towed at owner’s expense.

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