“U.S. Term Limits” Commemorates Anniversary of Presidential Term Limits

U.S. Term Limits President Philip Blumel hailed the 61st anniversary of the passage of presidential term limits today, releasing the following statement:

“61 years ago, the state of Minnesota became the 36th out of the then 48 states to ratify the 22nd amendment to the United States Constitution, which limited Presidents to two 4-year terms. This historic event actually reconfirmed almost 150 years of precedent set when President George Washington refused to run for a third term in office.

“Now, our nation faces another crisis, where an entrenched political class in Congress continues to increase our national debt by more than a trillion dollars every year with no end in sight. In commemoration of the anniversary of the ratification of the 22nd Amendment, it is time for Congress to send the congressional term limits constitutional amendment to the states for consideration.

“If term limits were good enough for George Washington and every subsequent president except one, they are good enough for members of Congress. U.S. Term Limits supports constitutional amendments introduced by Senator Jim DeMint (SJR 11) and Representative David Schweikert (HJR 71) which limit Senate terms of office to two 6-year terms and the House of Representatives to three 2-year terms.”

U.S. Term Limits is a non-partisan, non-profit advocacy organization that works to promote term limits at all levels of government

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