The Last Lid


Inventor featured on TV has Rockland roots

The Last Lid in action

Kevin Kiermen, inventor of “The Last Lid” gave a talk to students on Tuesday at Tappan Zee High School, encouraging them to be entrepreneurs.

Kierman, originally a longtime Congers resident, recently made an appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” a show where inventors pitch their ideas on air to a panel of investors who can make or break their dreams. Kierman’s invention “The Last Lid” was a hit on the show and won a considerable investment from owner of Fubu, Daymond John.

“The Last Lid” is a fabric garbage can lid replacement. Kierman says he got the idea from his wife Melissa. After nagging him to get new garbage can lids, Kierman discovered that you can’t just but the lid, you have to buy the whole can. So being an inventive person Kevin set about creating a solution. Many long nights later there was “The Last Lid”.

It has been less than a month since his appearance on “Shark Tank”, but Kierman says business has been brisk, with thousands of units already sold. His episode of “Shark Tank” is scheduled to run several more times this year. At Tappan Zee High School, Kierman talked with students and encouraged them to pursue entrepreneurship. “Look at something, and I challenge you to improve it,” said Kierman to one class.

In addition to inventing things himself, Kierman mentors other inventors. is a website maintained by Kierman and his wife, where inventors can go with their ideas to get advice on bringing it to market.

So what’s next for Kierman? Perhaps a television show? Kierman says that since his appearance on “Shark Tank” there has been some interest in creating a reality television show with him and his family. Nothing is finalized yet, but the show could feature his family using different products from “Shark Tank”, a bit like an infomercial.

You can check out “The Last Lid” at

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