Probationers may Soon Pay $20 Per Month

Day supports passing small share of probation costs to crime-doers

County Legislator Ed Day (R-New City-Pomona) introduced a resolution to the Rockland County Legislature last week in support of state legislation that would allow counties to charge persons on probation a $20 monthly fee for services rendered.

The legislation day is supporting was introduced by local Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski. Assembly bill (A08669) introduced by Assemblyman Zebrowski, and its companion Senate Bill (S6561) are pending action. If the legislation is passed and then signed into law by the governor, Legislator Day said he will be submitting legislation for a local law in Rockland that would allow the Rockland County Probation Department to charge back costs to those convicted and sentenced to a period of probation and offset some of the costs borne now by local taxpayers.

“A small step this may be, but at a time where we all are trying to make ends meet, every effort designed to curtail the cost of government is a step in the right direction. It is an alternative to the typical approach taken by government – increasing our taxes. It is imperative that government look for solutions to funding operations in ways other than putting it’s hand into the taxpayer’s pocket,” said Legislator Day.

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