Stony Point officials were thrilled to receive $50,000 from the federal government in this year’s Community Development Block Grant after being totally shut out in 2011. Said Councilwoman Luanne Konopko, who made aggressive pursuit of block grants one of her original campaign promises in 2009, “I can’t tell you how pleased and grateful I am. We haven’t gotten it in writing yet, but the applications were for ‘removal of architectural barriers’ at the Justice Court and Kirkbride Hall. Translated, it’s for ADA improvements, handicap accessibility.”

Supervisor Geoff Finn said, “I am extremely proud of the people involved in helping secure this grant. It’s not often that the Town of Stony Point receives grant money, especially one in the amount of $50,000. It’s about time the taxpayers of Stony Point are receiving a well deserved grant. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for Stony Point. A special thank you to the Office of Rockland Community Development and Stony Point’s dedicated team of volunteers who served on the committee. Teamwork at its best!”

Finn also addressed an old grant received by Stony Point that had gone unused and been a source of consternation for Joseph Abate, Rockland director of Housing and Community Development, who chooses the recipients of CDBG money. Finn said, “As far as the old grant not being used, that money was not used for the original plan for handicap bathrooms in our police station. However it is still available and plans are to use it for updating our Kirkbride Hall bathrooms. That amount is $7,500.”

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