Let the Races Begin!


Members of different dens in pack 2017

Three-2-1 Go! Cubmaster Stephen Fiscus led Cub Scout Pack 2017 in their Pinewood Derby this past Saturday at Kirkbride Hall. The gymnasium was filled with Tigers, Wolves, and Bears! But not to worry, these were the Cub Scout Dens, along with the Webolos and the Webolos 2.

Before the races could start, the scouts were handed out forms to vote on the coolest car and the craziest car. Guest judges voted on best looking, most original, fastest looking, funniest looking, most creative, best painted, most patriotic, and hardest work on cars.

“This is one of our biggest events,” said Josephine Rao, secretary of the pack and mother of cubs. “It’s very official. There are many guidelines we must follow. The boys pick out the design with computer programs and the wood is cut for them. Then they sand, paint and decorate.”

There were 62 cars in this year’s race The track was set up for six cars to race at a time. Whichever car came in last place was removed from the track and the five remaining cars competed against a new car. The races were rotated this way until every car was raced.

“He came in third place overall last year. We’ve been working on his car for the last two months. It was hard work but we’re very excited,” said Rijal Mauhummed. Mauhummed and his son, Irsaam, stood on the sideline, as the races were about to begin.

Kids and parents were cheering alike throughout the races. As Cubmaster Fiscus yelled out the start of each race, arms were waving and mouths were shouting, between bites of hotdogs of course.

Cars were painted in creative designs, with different colors, shapes and more. One had a lego-man on it, another was red white and blue, and another was an army design. There was a pirate ship, a transformer and so many more.

“I came in first place! Mine is a yellow with flames painted on it,” said Shane Blauvelt.

“Mine’s the Yankees car. I worked on it for a few weeks. I came in first, too!” said Matthew Cefolo.

“I came in 1st!” said Ethan Fermin.

“1st place!” said Chris Trager.

Although these boys came in 1st place, the wins were for individual races. The final winners weren’t announced until their pack meeting Wednesday evening, after the paper went to print. See next week’s edition for results.


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