State Parks in Rockland Get a Windfall of Funding

Rockland parks win over half of $34 million in state grant money

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Wednesday announced a $34 million investment for NY Works projects to upgrade and repair nine parks, two historic sites and one ski facility in the Hudson Valley. Harriman, Bear Mountain and Rockland Lake State Park all received large grants for repairs, totaling $17.35 million. Rockland Lake is completely in Rockland County while Rockland shares Bear Mountain and Harriman parks with Orange County.

Governor Cuomo said, “The centerpiece of the [2012/13 budget] is the New York Works program, a new strategy for leveraging capital to put New Yorkers back to work and rebuilding our aging infrastructure including the state park system that is used by so many people across the state.”

State Senator Bill Larkin, who will represent North Rockland if he wins reelection in 2012, said, “For too long, our parks have been allowed to deteriorate and lose the luster they once had. Governor Cuomo knows how important it is to have an incredible parks system as a draw for New York in tourism and for improving the quality of life for residents. These grants are an example of the Governor rebuilding New York from the ground up and restoring our parks to the glory they once knew and I sincerely appreciate his efforts.”

Rockland Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski said, “It’s important that we keep New York State’s parks updated and safe so our families can continue to enjoy them. A great component of the New York Works Program is funding for needed infrastructure repairs and upgrades at our state parks. By updating our parks and their facilities, we are creating much-needed jobs and ensuring that these parks can continue to be enjoyed by Rockland County families for many years to come.”

Project Name
Project Description
Total Project Cost
Bear Mountain State Park Repair and resurface the Seven Lakes Drive Road, a heavily used park road that is experiencing significant deterioration.
Bear Mountain State Park Rehabilitate and upgrade water and sewer systems that service Bear Mountain and Harriman State Parks.
Belleayre Mountain Ski Center Funds will support lift maintenance, building maintenance and other infrastructure and preventive maintenance projects.
Fahnestock State Park Replace the Taconic Outdoor Education Center’s outdated water supply system, which currently fails to meet health code.
Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park Rehabilitate deteriorated bathhouse facilities and repair the swimming pool’s aging filtration system. The swimming pool, one of the largest pools in the country, is located 35 miles from New York City and is heavily used by underserved communities.
Hudson Valley State Parks Improvements Rehabilitate deteriorated structures, roofs, electric, water, and sewage systems at various camps used by underserved children in Bear Mountain and Harriman State Parks.
Lake Taghkanic State Park Reconstruct Lake Taghkanic State Park’s four deteriorating public restrooms. These aged facilities are a visible sign of state disinvestment in the state park.
Mills-Norrie State Park / Staatsburgh State Historic Site Restore the East Portico of Mills Mansion and repair the mansion’s leaking roof; also complete restoration of the historic Mills stone wall
Mills-Norrie State Park Marina Large amounts of sediment have built up in the marina, making some slips unusable and reducing the park’s revenue. Efforts to dredge the marina to remove accumulated sediments will restore full use of the marina.
Minnewaska State Park These funds will support the next phase of rebuilding the park’s popular trails, which are used for hiking, bicycling, and cross country skiing.
Olana State Historic Site Olana is among the most important historic sites in the state park system and is a major tourism draw. Repairs to Olana’s leaking roof are critical to maintaining this unique structure.
Old Croton Aqueduct Trail Improvements Replace several deteriorating bridges along the Old Croton Aqueduct, a heavily used, 26-mile paved trail in Westchester County that runs along the top of the historic aqueduct.
Rockland Lake State Park Renovate leaks to avoid closure of the park’s pool, which receives high use.

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  1. chris   April 6, 2012 at 7:43 am

    How come he isn’t putting $$$$$ to fix Route 9W in front of Bear Mountain Inn?…..State HWY needs grant $$$ for repairs.

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