BE NICE TO THIS MAN!!! (And he will help you)

Recently appointed Councilman James McDonnell says he’s here to help, so stop shouting at him!

He’s only human, after all, holding political office doesn’t make one superman. At the end of this week’s Stony Point board meeting McDonnell, specifically requesting the media’s attention, said to Stony Pointers, “Please don’t come in shouting” [saying things like ‘I am a taxpayer and I demand so and so’]. “We know you are a taxpayer and we are here to help you.”

McDonnell, a retiree and former longtime chair of the zoning board, said he wants to be known as the non-political town official. He told the Rockland County Times the political aspect of holding office is an unfortunate one in his opinion, and he’s only here to do what he can “for the good of the town.”


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