Clarkstown South High School’s “Into The Woods” Well Presented

by George J. Dacre

Gina Tenore, Little Red Riding Hood

The combination of Brothers Grimm fairytales with the music of Stephen Sondeim and a talented cast of Clarkstown High School actors made for an enjoyable Sunday afternoon.

The production was backed by a large high school orchestra and led by Gina Tenore as Little Red, Nicole Riolo as the Witch, Carolyn Mistele as Rapunzel, Samantha Weisberg as Cinderella, Jonathan Quigley as Jack, Abbey Murphy as Snow White, and Mitchell Schneider as the The Bad Wolf. Into The Woods is a very involved story of how all these famous figures pursued their wishes and quests.

Throw in a mean and murderous Giant (offstage voice and the Giant is a woman) along with some strong the performances and you have a very interesting musical that brings back memories of all those wonderful fairytales.

There were 23 actors in the cast along with the narrators and the ensemble (seven narrators and 17 in the ensemble). Musical Director/Conductor Kip Bonsignore led the orchestra.

Director/choreographer Justin Boccitto got a lot out of a well-trained cast of singers and dancers. The production moved smoothly through scene changes with the help of a very professional stage and production staff.

Costume designer Dan Shulz did wonders with the different costumes for the cast. The set design by Chantale Boundages met the requirements of this fast moving musical.

I rate “Into The Woods” at Clarkstown South High School Three Stars Out Of Four!!!


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