“ATM-Scan” Scammers Hit North Rockland

The Stony Point police are investigating an “ATM-scanning” incident at the Chase Bank located at 22 S. Liberty Dr. (Patriot Square Shopping Center). This likely is connected to previous “ATM-scans” discovered in other parts of Rockland County.

The police issued a release that said, “An alert patron noticed that the card reader on the door did not seem right and alerted the police. Responding officers retrieved the “scanning mechanism” that was placed over the actual ATM card reader entering the ATM vestibule. Said scanner was capable of storing customer’s card information.

“Chase bank security was notified immediately. The Stony Point Police Department does not believe that any account information was obtained since the device was retrieved by police prior to it being recovered by the thieves. As a precaution, Chase Bank was contacting anyone who used the stated ATM between 4:45 and 5:45 p.m. on Saturday, May 5.”

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