Saturday Night In Piermont at the Turning Point Cafe


Last Saturday night I strolled down through Nyack to the Village of Piermont for a comedy show at the famous Turning Point Café. Folks were out at the sidewalk cafes in both Nyack and Piermont enjoying a nice Cinco de Mayo evening.

The Turning Point is a downstairs café that seats about 50 to 60 people and it was almost full when I arrived. Jamie Rosen, head of OpenWide Productions who was producing the event, greeted me. Jamie sat me next to a couple from White Plains and I discovered that folks came from New Jersey, Manhattan, and Westchester Counties to see the show.

Rockland born Doug Adler, Emceed the event and performed with fellow comics Wil Sylvince, Tom Shillub, Steve Levnethal and Jamie Rosen. I chose a cheeseburger, potato salad and root beer from a very fine Turning Point menu. The show started promptly at 7 p.m.

Adler, who bills himself as the Jewish comic, led off with mother in law jokes, and growing up in Rockland jokes. He also threw in some sex references and participated with the audience during his dialogue.

Steve Leventhal, of Hoboken, New Jersey, followed and he too had some Jewish type jokes and early dating funnies lacing his delivery with a lot of sexual references.

Jamies Rosen followed with anecdotes about a recent trip she and her husband took to Israel saying he could not even trade her for a single goat because she is too skinny.

Tom Shillub, of Irish descent and from Massachusetts, had a lot of jokes about growing up Irish catholic in a multi cultural society and not being allowed to date Jewish girls.

Wil Sylvince, of Haitian descent, arrived a little late and came on with a funny bit about airline travel and pat downs. He talked about how his parents wanted him to speak English correctly and told stories about cheating on school tests.

All the comics related well to the audience in the intimate Turning Point setting and there were a lot of laughs.

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