Silverman Responds to Tiburcio’s Smears

Dear Editor,

This is in response to Irene Tiburcio’s letter to the editor, May 24 – Opposes Republican Academy Rebels. Ms. Tiburcio, you of all people, a founding member and leader (who resigned over 18 months ago) of Rally For America (RFA) know first hand how ‘open’ the bosses are to any change. Back then you were one of the loudest voices calling for ‘stacking the committee seats’ with new and honest blood. That RFA should do everything it could to take every committee seat it could ‘…because it was the ‘only’ way to fight the slimy back room dealings….’

You were enraged when the county chairman threw a half dozen RFA members out of their newly appointed committee seats because he could, since they had been appointed at the town level – even your closest friend from Haverstraw was thrown out! (Or did you forget)? Two years ago, you supported RFA and worked your butt off when we challenged the ‘bosses’ to a fair fight to allow thousands of Republicans to have a voice in determining who would represent them as the Republican candidate for 17th Congressional District. You were outraged by how you were treated by the ‘bosses.’

What’s the matter, afraid of a fair fight now???!!!

What changed? What did the ‘boss’ promise you? What happened to the outrage?

You also mentioned that it’s hard for a Republican to get elected in Rockland. Do you think, that just maybe, the fact that the Rockland Republican Party provides virtually no support to their candidates, actually campaigns against them, and at a 2011 Republican Nominating Convention nominated Democrats with the county chairman telling Republicans ‘…it will help us win…,’ might have something to do with it?

Have you ever looked at the financial reports to see where all the money is going and not going? I truly believe that the vast majority of the over 42,000 registered Republican’s in this county are disgusted with the (to be polite) lack of leadership and lack of effort demonstrated over the last 20 years by the Republican ‘machine.’ They also know they are not alone, average Republicans across the country are making their voices heard – ask ex-Senator Luger. Both RFA and the Academy are trying to give the disenchanted citizens a chance to take back their party. I suggest you look in the mirror and tell yourself you like the status quo, without barfing. I dare you!

Barry Silverman
West Nyack

(Mr. Silverman is a leader of the Tea Party group Rally for America)

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