Summer Kids’ Concert Proves to be a Hit


Parents and children gathered for the 2012 Summer Kid’s Concert held by the Recreation Department of Stony Point at Riverfront Park at 6:30 p.m. on June 27.

The event, which also involved free giveaways and an ice cream truck, was one of the first of its kind during this summer. It was sponsored by Inserra and Shoprite of Stony Point and was organized in an effort to provide a fun, safe summer activity for young residents of Stony Point and the surrounding areas of North Rockland.

A musician, who goes by the stage name of “Mr. Kurt,” played various improvised and original songs while children listened, danced, and enjoyed the fun-filled atmosphere. Parents accompanied their children near the performance, sat back on lawn chairs and picnic tables, and talked amongst themselves.

The event is one of many which the Town of Stony Point plans to hold for children in the area over the summer. The positive reactions from parents and children alike signaled that the event was a success.

Allison and Sofia Lappetito, two children from the North Rockland area, said they enjoyed the music. Young Delaney Morrison, also from the North Rockland area, said that her favorite part of the event was the ice cream.

Gary Heavner, a father from Haverstraw, said that he enjoyed the concert. “Kids love it, so that means the parents love it,” Heavner said. “[I’m] having a good time.”

Many of the parents agreed that they would like to attend more events like this in the future. Nicole Gerber, a mother from West Haverstraw also enjoyed the event and felt that the town organized it very well.

“I think they did a great job,” Gerber said. “I saw signs everywhere, so we were well aware of it and I liked how they included other people in North Rockland.”

Riverside Park is a narrow strip of public park land with a beautiful scenic view of the Hudson River. With an open-walled shelter where Mr. Kurt played, a playground, and a picnic area, the park was an excellent choice for a family event.

Michael Riconda is an intern reporter and copy editor for the Rockland County Times.

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