Meet the (Write-In) Candidate Mark Levy

99th Assembly District (Town of Stony Point and parts of Orange County)


Mark Levy

Like most people, I am disappointed in the politicians that represent us in Albany and in Washington. They waste taxpayer money and enact unconstitutional laws in an attempt to increase their power, and in doing so limit our lives, our liberty, and our ownership of property. They addict many voters by creating new entitlement programs, which causes our taxes to constantly rise.

Furthermore, our legislators play favorites to some groups by using “member items,” which are nothing more than legalized bribes, to grant money to for specific voter groups in their home districts.

Due to their actions to implement their “good intentions,” these career politicians have given us high taxes and massive debt. This debt is generational theft; the taxes are a form of economic enslavement, and the problems will be with us, and with our children and our grandchildren, long after these career politicians leave office.

None of the three current candidates for the NYS 99th Assembly District, all who are very young politicians hoping for a career in Albany and eventually Washington, are the solution to this problem. And I believe it is no longer acceptable to just sit on the sidelines and let the party leaders continue to dictate the choices we have to represent us. That is why I recently announced that I am running as a ‘write-in’ candidate for the 99th Assembly District, for the Republican Primary election to be held on September 13, 2012.

Among the measures I support are term limits for the elected offices in all of New York State. I will fight for sales and income tax rate reductions, including the complete repeal of the MTA payroll tax for our region. I have proposed electoral reforms to reduce the power political parties have to deny us alternative choices for candidates for public offices. And most important of all, I am for reducing state government spending: this includes ending “leadership stipends” and “member items” for legislators, and for ending the practice of state government imposing “unfunded mandates” on local governments.

I am not a politician beholden to the party elites. I am just a private citizen with many friends and family in the local communities near my home in Salisbury Mills, NY. I have lived in the region since 1970. My wife and I have been involved in this community for the past 42 years, participating and supporting many local activities and volunteer organizations. I have 35 years of corporate technology and consulting business experience working locally for Sony, IBM, BMW, Medco, and other companies.

If you agree with me that the New York State Legislature is a mess, and that we need new independent economic conservative non-politicians representing us there, then I am the candidate whose name you will want to “write-in” on the September 13 primary ballot for the Republican nomination for the 99th Assembly District.

Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy. With your help, we can make New York State a great state once again.

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