The Dumbest Controversy in the History of the United States

Chik-Fil-A non-controversy controversy reveals a nation going downhill fast…but there’s hope!



A vicious backlash has ensued against Dan Cathy, the born-again Christian CEO of national fast-food chain Chik-Fil-A, after he reaffirmed his long held position that he opposes laws which redefine marriage. Mr. Cathy gives generously to the movement to maintain the definition of marriage.

Cathy’s apparently incendiary view, which happens to be held by about half of the people in the United States, or perhaps more if state referendums are any clue, and which is actually the living, breathing law in the vast majority of the country, has sparked not only boycotts led by the usual crowd, and severed business relationships, but unbelievably has incited several politicians to state they will not welcome Chik-Fil-A restaurants into their neighborhoods.

Really? Using mafia tactics against a private business to help advance the movement for gay marriage; what is going on in this country? It seems too many elected officials are running amok, and don’t even have respect for their own constituents and the religious community.

This outrageous conduct, tacitly endorsed by the national media, can only be seen as a sign rapid decline in the body politic of the nation. When is the last time that politicians have sought to ban business based on the CEO’s adherence to mainstream political beliefs?

Who gives these politicians the right? Isn’t this typically considered un-American? Actually, legal experts have said it is literally un-American, in that it represents discrimination against Chik-Fil-A.

There are dozens of CEOs and corporations that give generously to the gay cause, however the gay political movement is not endorsed by the majority of the nation. Why is this hard for supporters of the gay movement to understand? Not everyone agrees the gay rights movement is about equal rights for all.

But gay advocates are playing in a rigged game, where the national media and other prominent powers are in their pocket, and they can get away with outrageous behavior, even including an illegal effort to block a legitimate business from opening in a neighborhood.

The amazing thing is Mr. Cathy’s latest comments were not much different than what you heard from Barack Hussein Obama during his 2008 political campaign. Obama then repeatedly reaffirmed his former belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. Where were the near-riots agitated by the national media? Where were the gay make-out sessions at Obama campaign events?

Oh, we understand. It’s all politics. But play the game clean, for crying out loud. Just because Obama changed his position two months ago, now the rest of the country must follow suit?

Wherever you stand on the issue of marriage, spare the world from thug-like and illegal behavior. We’re all entitled to our own opinions, or at least, we used to be.

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