Letter from Guy Gervasi to George Hoehmann and Stephanie Hausner

Hi George & Stephanie,

I thank you for sending me your town car report and I do appreciate the work that both of you have done in this area. After reading your report, I can see that, while you have pulled together many disjointed parts of the old policy into one comprehensive policy, in the end, after 18 months of work, the town now has 30 employees with 24/7 vehicles rather than the 29 employees, who had town cars before you initiated your study. After all your time and effort, you should have reduced the number of 24/7 town cars, tightened up the mileage monitoring policy and required that the Clarkstown Seal be affixed to both side doors of these 24/7 town cars so as to ensure that these employees are not using these town cars for personal use.

In the end, there are at least 10 employees on this list that have no real reason for having a 24/7 town car other than having a car as a true employment perk and most of them are part of this impossible to comprehend Special Bargaining Unit. The net result of your so called policy review once again illustrates the Town Board’s lack of resolve to address the excessive cost of the generous taxpayer funded fringe benefits granted by Clarkstown to the politically connected. Just as with the unanamimously approved five-year police contract, the opportunity to negotiate at least some givebacks was not considered.

I hate to be blunt, but you worked for 18 months on this project and in the end I don’t see any real savings to the taxpayers or any extra assurances that these vehicles are not being used for personal use.

Guy Gervasi
Clarkstown Taxpayers

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