Lettre Makes Power Move

Conservative director fills vacancies on committee

Taking advantage of arcane election law, executive director of the Rockland County Conservative Party Ed Lettre has filled approximately 68 vacancies on his Conservative Committee, the Rockland Board of Elections confirm. These seats were not subject to the usual petition gathering and votes, as party rules allow for vacancies to be filled by the executive committee prior to conventions, simply by filing the names.

Clearly the 68 committee seats gives Lettre an advantage in his war for control of the party with former chairman Nick Longo, but Longo’s side is not taking it lying down. They are taking Lettre to court, claiming the rule is a violation of the New York State Constitution, in that it gives an unfair advantage to the incumbent power structure of the party committee.

Board of Elections commissioner Lou Babcock said Lettre’s move is not necessarily uncommon. He also said the Board of Elections is a “ministerial” department and thus has no opinion on any issues that end up in court.

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