Mountain Man on the Lam


Eugene Palmer wanted for murdering his daughter-in-law

It’s the crime of the year in North Rockland.

Mountain-man Eugene Palmer, of longtime North Rockland Palmer lineage, is accused of murdering his daughter-in-law Tammy Palmer on Monday and then escaping into the woods he knows so well. He’s yet to be found. His own sister, Elaine Babcock, confirms that he confessed to the crime.

Palmer, a retired teamster, has long lived in an acre or so of wooded property near Harriman State Park, off of Willow Grove Road, on the Haverstraw/Stony Point border. In fact, some locals say he originally squatted on the land 40 some-odd years ago ago, before claiming it as his own via squatter’s rights.

Now he’s gone into those adjacent woods of Harriman, and as of press time Wednesday, authorities are still searching for him. Cops and trained K-9s have found some clues, locating his abandoned truck and a campfire he set in recent days.

Palmer is diabetic and might have trouble with his health without the ability to carefully monitor his blood sugar.

The 73-year-old man is the lone suspect in the shooting of his daughter-in-law Tammy Palmer, 39, with whom he’s had an escalating feud.

Tammy Palmer lived, along with her two children ages 12 and 16 and husband John Palmer, in a small house on Eugene Palmer’s wooded property. According to comments Tammy’s parents John and Violet Pannirello have made to the local daily newspaper, Eugene had confronted Tammy on more than one occasion after Tammy delivered Eugene’s son an order of protection forcing him off the property.

After committing the heinous act Monday morning, Palmer visited his sister Elaine Babcock and told her what he’d done, and according to her, requested an hour to escape before she called the police. Babcock said she immediately called the police upon his departure, and also noted he left money for property taxes before leaving.

Tammy’s parents have filed for custody of the son John, 12, and girl Rosemarie, 16, and will be fighting their father in court.

Since the accused killer Eugene Palmer is most likely wandering or hiding somewhere within Harriman State Park, the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation said in a press release that they are advising patrons to refrain from hiking in backcountry of the park this entire weekend due to the ongoing, multi-jurisdictional police search. Park authorities will also close Beaver Pond Campground, not far from Palmer’s residence, until further notice.

A funeral for Tammy Palmer will be held this week. On Friday from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. viewing will be conducted at T.J. McGowan & Sons Funeral Home in Garnerville. A funeral will take place 10 a.m. Saturday at St. Gregory Barbarigo Church in Garnerville, and the burial will follow at Mount Repose Cemetery in Garnerville.


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