Gator Says ALDI Supermarket Coming to Stony Point

Advertisement for new Aldi supermarket that Gator Investments posted on their website

Since February 2008 Stony Pointers have had to put up with a huge vacancy near the heart of their town.

The formerly bustling Stony Point Center strip mall at 156-168 S. Liberty Dr. that was the home of Stop and Shop supermarket and several other stores has been mostly empty since Stop and Shop moved to West Haverstraw. A Rite-Aid pharmacy has been the main attraction, but most of the mall is empty including the imposing space that formerly housed the supermarket.

Well, it looks like this problem will be no more. According to an announcement on property owner Gator Investments’ website and a sign hung in the parking lot of the strip mall, an Aldi Supermarket will be moving in to Stony Point Center.

Aldi will be competing with their neighbor Shop-Rite, only one lot to the east.



What is Aldi?

On its website at the supermarket claims they have figured out the formula to bring quality groceries at the best price. Aldi describes itself to consumers this way:

“ALDI entered the U.S. market in 1976, with a handful of stores in southeastern Iowa. Now, more than 850 U.S. ALDI stores are spreading the savings from Kansas to the East Coast. In its 2007 report, Supermarket News ranked ALDI 24th in U.S. grocery chains in terms of gross sales.

“At ALDI, our philosophy is also the foundation for our less-is-more approach to grocery retailing. Everything we do, from selecting suppliers to scouting locations to building and operating stores, facilitates savings substantial enough to impact your every-day living.

“We concentrate purchasing power, carrying only 1,300 or so of your most frequently purchased grocery and household items, nearly all under our own private labels. 

“We streamline operations, eliminating every feature that increases cost-and prices When you shop at ALDI, you pay for food-not frills.

“We adhere to stringent quality standards. Every product we sell must match or exceed the leading national brand in taste, appearance, and/or performance. Our premium produce is shipped faster and smarter, so it comes to your table fresher and cheaper.  

“These practices unique to ALDI add up to big savings for our customers. In fact, our everyday low prices are usually lower than supermarket ‘sale’ prices. And that’s ‘Incredible Value Every Day.'”


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