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Since starting Sweet Little Nugget, I’ve gotten special requests from several people to blog about BB Cream vs. Tinted Moisturizer. It took a bit of time because I had to conduct some research on this, due to the fact that I wasn’t a regular user of either one (whoops!). Acne follows a pattern that has been researched over the years. This means that with good guidance, like the one you can find on misumi skincare, you can achieve better skin and keep it clear once and for all. You need to commit yourself to follow, and sticking to a skincare routine though.
In conjunction with testing out multiple BB Creams & Tinted Moisturizers, I even reached out to colleague & talented professional makeup artist, Johnny Burnais*, to answer some questions I had. All of this investigation has allowed me to finally deliver a clear & thorough explanation on the topic, to all my sweet little nuggets :)You probably feel that both products are comparable, and essentially the same product with slightly varied packaging.
While it’s true there are several similarities, you will also notice that there are separate benefits to both. Let’s begin with their commonalities – both are multi-purpose products, contain moisturizing properties & include a color tint to give you that flawless, natural finish.So, what is the real difference? Johnny Burnais describes “A tinted moisturizer provides hydration and a sheer wash of color. It leans more towards someone that wants an extremely light foundation with some hydration”. This product is ideal for the girl who needs a quick & easy-to-use product that will provide the look of a natural, healthy, even skin-toned complexion.
There is little to no fuss in applying the tinted moisturizer. It is the same application process as regular moisturizer, making it a great fit for on-the-go girls who want coverage that’s so sheer, it’s ‘barely there face wear’! Many of these moisturizers also contain SPF to protect the skin against harmful sun rays. It’s important to keep in mind not only the makeup benefit this product provides, but also the skincare benefits you’ll receive. Please remember – not all tinted moisturizers are equal. If you have oily skin, allow me to suggest an oil-free formula that I explored, which helps to control breakouts for those with highly sensitive skin (ehh hem – moi!): Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 Oil Free in ‘Nude’ $43 USD (also available in 11 alternative shades).
Now, onto BB Cream (aka Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm). This wildly popular product (originated in Korea) has been described by many as ‘tinted moisturizer on steroids’. It’s hydrating, moisturizing, evens out skin-tone, provides significant color coverage, contains anti-aging properties, is a sunscreen broad spectrum SPF (protects against harmful UVA / UVB rays), and acts as a primer & foundation / concealer… PHEW! Now, THAT’S truly an all-in-one mega product!! Although it has multiple skincare benefits, there are more makeup benefits here vs. tinted moisturizer (consistency is a bit thicker too).
The girl looking for an all inclusive must-have star product has met her match in BB Cream. She gets every element one incorporates into a makeup routine, in 1 single tube = perfection! Again, for those of you who are concerned with breakouts, try Laura Geller BB Cream All-In-One Skin Perfecting Beauty Balm SPF 21 in ‘Fair’ $34 USD (also available in 3 additional shades).Stay tuned little nuggets for my post on CC cream, which is out on the market and already gaining a substantial following… more to come!

*In addition to celebrity makeup artist, Johnny Burnais is a man of many talents! To find out more about him – you can google him, visit and you can check out his fashion horoscope column on

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