Ed Day Calls for Firing of Brinks Terrorist Kathy Boudin


Ed Day, a Rockland Couny legislator and candidate for county executive, as well as a former detective commander for the NYPD, on Friday issued a call to both Columbia University and the Columbia School of Social Work to immediately terminate the adjunct professorship of Kathy Boudin. The paroled radical terrorist was convicted of felony murder for her role in the 1981 Brinks Robbery in Rockland County, which resulted in the deaths of two police officers and a Brinks security guard.

“I come to this both as a former police officer and parent of a Columbia student,” Day said. “Kathy Boudin should never have been paroled in 2003, and she certainly should not be educating students. She was directly responsible for the deaths of those police officers, asking them to lower their weapons so her compatriots could ambush and kill them.”

The criminal gang then opened fire on the under-armed police officers, wounding two and killing one, and brutally executed one of the wounded at point-blank range with pistol fire.

“At issue here,” Day continued, “is not whether there should be academic diversity or a broad spectrum of life experiences amongst the faculty at a university. At issue is that there are certainly dozens, if not hundreds, of potential professors just as qualified for the job, but who never took part in the killing of innocent people in an attempt to fund a revolution.”

Day added that he fully supports integration of rehabilitated criminal who have completed their sentences into society, but that someone convicted of such a heinous crime and sentenced to a life sentence should not have been paroled, and “should not be in a position to shape the views of our youth in any capacity.”

Day noted also, “She was only eligible for parole at all because she managed to cop a plea deal.”

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