HELP WANTED: Universities Seek Terrorist Professors

By Anthony Melé, RCT Contributor

Kathrine Boudin, infamous for her role in the  Brinks Robbery,  and as a member of the ultra left-wing groups “Weather Underground,” “May 19” and “Black Liberation Army,” and who among other things bombed Francis Tavern killing and wounding innocent people in the attack, recently has been revealed as a new hire at Columbia and NYU.

Columbia University School of Social Work, seemingly lacking qualified professors to teach there, decided her qualifications soared above and beyond every other non-felonious applicant.

Leaving us to speculate on their hiring criteria, here are some other fine candidates to consider hiring:

If Timothy McVeigh were not executed for mass murder, he could apply as a professor of political theory with a focus in anarchy.

If Jim Jones had lived, he could apply as a professor of theology with a focus in kool-aid mixology.

When Charles Manson is paroled, he is in line for the job of professor of poetry and philosophy.

On the other hand, the children of the murdered police officers and Brinks guards would make admirable professors also, except they do not meet the hiring criteria at what is becoming our institutes of  brainwash assembly  lines.

Columbia hired Boudin to mold the minds of young university students, inevitably impressing upon them her vision of creating a communist/Marxist state in the USA. Perhaps the syllabus will not include a pop quiz about what  led her to plot the murders of innocent Americans who do not share her communist ideals.

The Brinks Robbery took place in Rockland County. It claimed the lives of dedicated family men who were brutally and mercilessly murdered in cold blood. Rockland commuters who enter the New York State thruway from Rt. 59 in Nyack, may notice the plaque dedicated to her victims there.

Brinks Robbery Memorial
Brinks Robbery Memorial

According to police reports: “Boudin was behind the wheel of the getaway car, the idea being that a white woman driver would arouse less suspicion than her mostly black male cohorts. “

Ms. Boudin’s published resume was completely scrubbed of her vicious and notorious role in the murders, bombings and murder plots of so many people.  Apparently, the booster roster wouldn’t care to know about that.

Resumes that were rejected over Ms. Boudins’ were not made available for public scrutiny. Clearly, they decided it would not be of interest for the public, alumni, students and parents who pay exorbitant tuition fees, to know what kind of applicants are rejected in favor of a murderer and longtime avowed enemy of the United States Constitution.

It is beyond reason to imagine the hiring staff at Columbia University did not see fit to employ professorial candidates whose qualifications did not include felony murder and terrorist bombings.

Rockland County, where is your voice?

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