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sln logoLip color – the one thing that can dramatically switch up your look with little to no effort involved. The Spring season has inspired me to go BRIGHT & BOLD with my lips. I want them to be noticed and I want them to *sparkle* in the sunshine! Although the lip crayon is not a brand new concept, it is gaining popularity amongst many and beauty businesses are spending millions to compete in the marketplace. What makes these little nuggets so attractive is the easy to use, lightweight cargo, on-the-go factor they bring to the table. This hybrid product – part lipstick, part lip gloss and in the shape of a lip liner pencil, peaked my curiosity. So, I decided to conduct some of my own ‘research’ to find out what the hype is all about and boy am I glad that I did 🙂

I strolled over to my favorite beauty retailer, Sephora, and scoured the floor testing various lip crayons from multiple brands. The 3 winners (shown above) were purchased and brought home for further ‘research’. Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint in ‘Charmed’ ($24 USD) caught my eye because of its creamy, glossy texture with just a hint of color. It glides on smooth and leaves your lips looking shiny upon application. I would categorize this as a balm-y finish which is why it feels moisturizing and has a high gloss factor. ‘Charmed’ is a lovely, light tint for day time and is also a great color for layering on your lips. After having some experience wearing this product, I will warn you that the color is not long-lasting. While it does last, however, the color is fantastic, and looks flawless. I recommend this for all who don’t mind re-applying frequently.

10-purple-pink-orange-and-red-ombre-lipsWhile walking around the store, I was delighted to pass by Sephora’s makeup line and discover that they have their own version of the lip crayon at a VERY reasonable price – only $10 USD! The Sephora Glossy Lip Pencil in ‘Glossy Pink’ (available in two other colors, and is a limited edition within the line) also has that creamy, smooth texture to it, but I would describe this as having a true lipstick-y finish. Compared to the Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint, I didn’t find it quite as glossy. If you are REALLY into sparkles, this is your product soul mate. I wasn’t expecting so much dazzle in this pencil, but it adds a nice pop to your lip. Just be prepared to find the sparkles on your hand, on your face and on anything else you’re wearing that day. With the twist up design and jumbo tip lip applicator, I find it pretty pleasant using this product. The combination of easy to use and an attractive price makes this lip crayon well worth a try!

lip pencilNow, I’ve saved the BEST for last. This is my absolute MUST-HAVE lip color for the season! I’ve fallen in love with Nars Satin Lip Pencil in ‘Yu’ ($25 USD, also available in 11 other shades). It dresses up your lips in bold, bright and vibrant high-impact colors that you can’t get anywhere else! The texture is unlike any other – intense moisture, with a creamy, shiny, glossy finish that is VERY long-lasting. I think it’s safe to say that this lip crayon is more of a stain, as it stays on throughout an entire day! The thinner lip applicator makes it incredibly easy to get into those tough to reach corners of the mouth. You can use it as a liner to first outline the lip and then fill in the rest. I had a very difficult time picking just one color to purchase, and naturally, I went for an intense pink 🙂 Each day I wore this shade, I received compliments from multiple people – mission accomplished! Others really are noticing these lips! :)”

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