CONFIRMED: Engelman Family has been Ousted from Power at Stony Point Ambulance Corps

More details in Thursday’s paper

Board members confirmed to the Rockland County Times that members of the Engelman family have been suspended from their duties at the Stony Point Ambulance Corps pending an investigation into alleged misappropriation of funds. Family members suspended include Corps President Mark D. Engelman and his wife Corps Vice President Chelle Cordero-Engelman, two of the longest serving members and the two most important decision makers.

Also reportedly suspended were Captain Marc Engelman and Patricia Stein. One board member loyal to the Engelmans reportedly resigned. Things got so heated at the late night executive session board meeting that the Stony Point Police Department midnight unit had to escort the family members from the premises.

According to reports that the Rockland County Times has received, alleged misuse of funds might include a Christmas party paid for with Ambulance Corps monies which critics have said only members of the Engelman family attended. There are also other allegations which the newspaper will investigate further and detail in Thursday’s print edition.

When asked about the situation Chelle Cordero-Engelman told the Rockland County Times, “No comment.”

The longtime ambulance corps member did share some thoughts publicly via her Facebook page. She posted a graphic indicating that “karma” will haunt those who have targeted her for disciplinary action.

The Corps recently opened a new state-of-the-art headquarters.

Chelle Cordero-Engleman posted this “karma” graphic to her Facebook page following her ouster from power at the Stony Point Ambulance Corps

One Response to "CONFIRMED: Engelman Family has been Ousted from Power at Stony Point Ambulance Corps"

  1. dalayon   April 23, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    There was no such party at all. There was no misappropriation of funds either. The Engelman family are victims of a few vindictive board members affiliated to the orginazation for their own ulterior motives and overblown egos. What is also not mentioned is that the Engelman family fielded more calls than any other riding members at stonypoint ems. And I can attest to this because I had the absolute honor of riding with some of the finest EMTs in Rockland. What is also not noted in this story is that the riding members that occupied the majority of overnight shifts also resigned as a result of such grave injustice. Looks like Haverstraw will have their hands very busy with mutual aid to stony point. And it’s all because a few people lost sight of our true mission as volunteer ems. And that’s to get the rigs out of the bays and help the sick and injured residents, visitors, and transients of stony point……..


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