Exciting Opportunity to Help Pay for Mayor Noramie Jasmin’s Legal Defense

Mayor Noramie Jasmin announces “Mayor Noramie Jasmin Defense Fund”

Accused of felony bribery, mail fraud and other corruption charges that threaten to land her in prison for over a decade, Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin is asking local residents to help her foot the bill for her legal defense.

“I am vigorously fighting the charges brought against me,” said Mayor Noramie Jasmin in an April 29 press release declaring the creation of a defense fund. “I thank all of you for your support during these difficult times. As you imagine, victory is very costly. Considerable expenditure of funds is necessary for court cost, attorney feesd and administrative expenses, in order to successfully challenge these charges.”

At an early April hearing, the state agreed to pay 50 percent of Jasmin’s legal defense, in spite of the fact that she earns $125,000 in salary on the books.

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