Letter to the Editor: ED DAY REBUFFED BY DEMS

(Ed Day responds to Legislature Committee’s unwillingness to request change in funding of early voting law. As currently constituted will cost Rockland County over $1.5 million)

To the Editor,

It is truly disappointing to see that when a real chance to act upon unfunded state mandates presents itself, and that effort has been scrubbed of all potential political disagreement, some of my colleagues seemingly prefer to engage in political gamesmanship. Even our own State Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski saw the untoward financial impact of this early voting plan as now constructed, and bucked the majority in the Assembly to support his Rockland constituents. Some may believe it to be convenient to take no action so they can continue to have the excuse to blame unfunded state mandates as the sole cause of our financial woes. My position continues to be to address state mandates head on, as I did here and with the community college chargeback issue. That is the effective way to reduce the cost of government to our taxpayers.

Edwin J. Day
Rockland County Legislature
District#5 (New City-Pomona)

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