Dear residents and friends of the Town of Clarkstown:

I hope that you will all enjoy the New City Street Fair that is being held this coming Sunday, May 5 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. under the sponsorship of the New City Chamber of Commerce. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and a good time will be had by all.

Events such as this are also a good opportunity for our political leaders to interact with the citizens of the town. I have some suggestions for you citizens should you happen to meet the members of the Clarkstown Town Board, Alex Gromack, Shirley Lasker, George Hoehmann, Frank Borelli, and Stephanie Hausner. I suggest that you ask them why they are not willing to support an outside audit of our Office of the Town Attorney.

You see the Office of the Town Attorney arranged for the hiring of the services of a Mr. Savino and assured the Town Board, in the face of questions from the public, of Mr. Savino’s suitability. Then it was further revealed that the process for hiring Mr. Savino was flawed, Numerous questions remain unanswered. You may know Mr. Savino’s name because he was then indicted for taking a bribe in the big corruption scandal in New York City and was summarily fired by the Town Board. The questions still remain about the operations of our own Office of the Town Attorney and that is why citizens have called upon the Town Board to arrange for an outside audit. This is the question before the members of your Town Board.

So when you meet one of our representatives, whether at the New City Street Fair or elsewhere, be sure to ask why he or she is not supporting the request for an audit.

Tom Nimick
New City


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