BRIEF STATEMENT: Chief Miller Addresses Low-Flying Helicopters in N. Rockland

In recent days numerous North Rocklanders have reported seeing low-flying helicopters in the area during the evening and night time hours. Some have said they appeared to be flying over power-lines.

Haverstraw Police Chief Charles Miller said of the low-flying helicopters, “I can tell you it was not the county or state police helicopter.”

Miller indicated he has not found out yet, exactly where the choppers are coming from, and will get back to the public if and when he gets an answer. He noted, “Choppers flying over head is common, it is the hours that had some residents concerned.”

The presence of the helicopters had prompted speculation from the public that authorities had resumed their aerial search for the fugitive homicide suspect Eugene “Mountain Man” Palmer, who had recently reappeared in the news, following statements by local police that they believe him to likely still be alive.

Palmer had escaped into the Harriman woods last fall after allegedly shooting his daughter-in-law over a domestic dispute. There is no evidence to indicate the choppers were searching for Palmer.

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