Rockland County Times

urlIt has been just over two weeks since two top IRS officials lost their jobs and a third was placed on paid administrative leave for placing additional scrutiny on conservative groups filing for tax-exempt status. The IRS claimed they were targeting these groups in order to determine their level of political activity, because political activity is not allowed to be the primary goal of social welfare groups.

Focus on these groups supposedly hindered their ability to raise money during the 2010 and 2012 election seasons, as the scrutiny on them lasted for nearly two years. This issue has led lawmakers to speak out about changing the complicated tax code that often leaves taxpayers either underpaying or overpaying. Some lawmakers believe the IRS has too much control over the interpretation and enforcement of tax laws and want to have them taken out of the equation. However, before any major changes can be made to the tax system, Democrats and Republicans must agree on what those changes will entail and which tax breaks will be gotten rid of.

Another scandal currently facing the nation is that of the Department of Justice and its alleged spying on news organizations in order to uncover any leaks. Reporters from the Associated Press and Fox News were reportedly the subjects of a Department of Justice probe, and phone lines in the House Press Gallery were examined after use by the AP.

In response to this surveillance by the DOJ, three separate committees – the Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform panels, and the Government Affairs and Oversight Committee – are discussing the possibility of holding hearings on the matter. Rumors reported in major media have stated Attorney General Eric Holder may face a perjury investigation after his initial testimony that he was unaware of any spying on a Fox News reporter was clearly contradicted by facts revealed only days later.

Meanwhile, Republicans have subpoenaed more information regarding the Benghazi terrorist incident on September 11, 2012. Thus far it’s been revealed that the Obama administration had continued to tell the American people the event was caused by a bad reaction to a Youtube video–and continued to campaign against speech critical of Islam–long after they could have possibly believed this to be the truth.

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