Everyone is Running for Mayor of Spring Valley

bildeMeet Calherbe Monel, a native of Haiti and a resident of Spring Valley for 22 years, and now officially a candidate for the mayoral seat in the Village of Spring Valley. Monel has experience with community service that began at Ramapo High School and stems from his desire to assist his fellow compatriots and his community.

He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership and Management from Regent University, a certificate from Norfolk State University’s Neighborhood leadership and development program and a certificate in non-profit Leadership and Management from Wisconsin-Madison University. While a resident of Virginia Beach, he graduated the City of Virginia Beach Citizen Police Academy, was elected vice president of the local civic league, was appointed associate director of the City of Virginia Beach Minority Business council and was a member of the Citizen Police Council board.

With family in Spring Valley, he has stayed active within the community even while living in Virginia Beach. Upon returning back to Spring Valley, he has reactivated his membership in the local chapter of the NAACP and hosts and produces “The Monel Show,” a Cablevision public access television program. He is currently the Director of Business Development at an IT school and software development company in New Jersey. In the coming weeks, he will share his platform for the campaign and meet with community leaders.

Monel was once a member of the Nation of Islam but converted to evangelical Christianity, which he says is now the most important influence in his life.

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