Ricky Nelson Remembered at Westchester Broadway Theatre


nelsons (2)Using video clips and sound tracks of the famed Rock n’ Roll hall of famer and relating many stories of the Nelson family and Ricky’s career and performing many of his hits, Gunnar and Matthew Nelson received a standing ovation at the Elmsford theatre earlier this month in their second appearance at the venue. Clips of Ricky and the Stone Canyon Band at Madison Square Garden performing “Garden Party,” as well as clips of Ricky and Elvis Presley and comments by John Fogarty highlighted the two and one half hour show.

Gunnar and Matthew are accomplished guitarists and singers and very eloquent speakers on stage going from their narratives of memories of their famous father who died in a plane crash in 1986. Between the narratives and the film clips they did Ricky Nelson music and the audience loved it all. There was “Travelin Man,” “I’m Walkin’,” and “I Got a Feeling.” “Teenage Idol,” “Garden Party” and many more including “Hello Mary Lou” and “Poor Little Fool” also were performed.

The Nelson twins rock harder than their dad and had great rapport with the attendees at the dinner and show. They wound up the tribute with “Just Once More” a song they wrote that says they would give up all their fame and fortune for just five minutes more with Ricky.

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