Foreign Policy In Shambles: Brandenburg Speech Epic Failure

A President’s Foreign Policy is the U.S. message to our allies and foes. Arming flesh eating Jihadist in Syria, while lecturing “peace with Justice” , mangled from the Rodney King, “no justice, no peace” riots is what he told them on your behalf

By Anthony Mele

June 19th, 2013, President Obama delivered an incoherent and at times rambling lecture to the Prime Minister of Germany on the east side of the Brandenburg Gate; that attempted to conjure up President Kennedy’s powerful message concerning the “Iron Curtain” that divided East and West Berlin between the Communist and NATO, when he said: “Ich bin ein Berliner,” “I am a Berliner.”

The symbolism was completely lost because it was the bold and prophetic words of President Reagan, who stood at the Western side of the “Berlin Wall’ and demanded of the then Soviet President Mikael Gorbachev; “Tear down this wall.” The wall came down and the East German people were freed from their enclosed captivity imposed by the Soviet Union and enforced by the East German Police State called the “STASI.”607da4c9977e7686ce5fc65c048428e5

President Obama made zero mention of the American President Ronald W. Reagan who was most responsible for the chain of events, he set into motion that tore down that wall and dismantled the Marxist political-economic system that engulfed whole countries and enslaved entire peoples.

President Reagan’s policy of “peace through strength” and “trust but verify” were supplanted with the President Obama mantra of “Peace with Justice”, that is a little more than the undiplomatic veiled threat of “no justice, no peace.”

Instead President Obama made thinly veiled references to being “world citizens” and promoted more military intervention and ended his speech with reference to the “people’s” of Germany, in the plural and not the singular of one unified German people. This was not lost on the audience or those familiar with current affairs, where many European countries are being over-run with foreign Muslim immigrants in droves.

In the midst of his soaring, disjointed rhetoric, the news banner flashing across the cable channel reported, among other things, that Pakistan was withdrawing from US led talks because of US contradictions, diplomatic language for lying. Afghan President Karzai would denounce US uni-lateral talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan. What the US is proposing is tantamount to negotiating with the enemy while side lining your allies, in their own country.

In regard to Syria; President Putin made complete sense by warning the American people of pursuing a policy of arming terrorists in Syria, which showed them literally cutting out the heart of a Syrian soldier, then eating it.

The duplicitous American Media are trying to sell the public by casting these insane criminals as Jeffersonian “rebels”, when they are nothing more than an invading mercenary army of radical Islamist in one of the last comparatively secular countries in the region. The Main Stream Media reports Obama Policy is to put American purchased weapons into the hands of the “good terrorists.”

Obama’s foreign policy plays right into the hands of the “Jihadist” “Salafi” Islamist war planners, who want to draw major players into the conflict to create further confusion and the opportunity for them to seize power.

Let me help you with a score card of players in Syria and the Middle-East. All of these groups are basically the same. Picture those Russian egg dolls, where you open one and find another within, open that one and find, another one inside of it, and yet, another in that one. Starting with the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, Jabbat-Al-Nusra, Free Syria Army, et, al, each are snuggly fit inside the other.

President Obama foreign policy has been so mangled that if this were a chess board, every move is a bad move called ‘zugzwang’. This is the kind of conundrum that will ensnare and suck other countries into an expanding regional conflict that promises a terrible end-game, if we continue on this present course, namely European Union, Russia, and China.

Survey Obama’s foreign policy and rack up the Radical Islamist governments that took control on his watch, as a direct result of his failed policy, ranging from Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Lebanon, Turkey and Syria.

The US Congress have turned a blind eye to these developments and are selling the American people another war that can escalate into a clear and present danger to the United States of America.

President Obama quoted President James Madison’s warning regarding the debilitating affect on freedom and prosperity when a nation is engaged in perpetual wars. Yet, President Obama again contradicts his own rhetoric with his own actions.

Leaving foreign policy observers to question the real life intentions of this President, because world leaders have already come to the conclusion his words and actions are diametrically opposed to reality.

Anthony Mele, MA, Diplomacy and International Conflict Management, 2010 GOP Candidate 17th Congressional District

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