Out of Control Weiner

heres-the-little-known-site-anthony-weiner-used-to-send-sextsBack in 2011 Anthony Weiner was forced to resign his Congressional seat after a sexting scandal and a little over a year later, he’s at it again. This time he was sexting a 22-year-old while he used the alias “Carlos Danger.” The two went back and forth sending explicit pictures and having sexual conversations, all while he was making promises to her shortly after the initial sexting revelations were revealed in 2011.

He allegedly told this unnamed woman he could get her a job at Politico and that they would have a condo in Chicago where they could meet up and presumably engage in sex acts.

Weiner has released a statement in New York Magazine apologizing for his behavior and stating that it is behind him. “I want to again say that I am very sorry to anyone who was on the receiving end of these messages and the disruption that this has caused. As my wife and I have said, we are focused on moving forward,” stated Weiner. These revelations of continued compulsive sexting following his resignation in 2011 may damage his goal of becoming the next mayor of New York City.

Thus far his wife former Hillary Clinton-aide Huma Abedein has “stood by her man,” much like Hillary did in the wake of Bill Clinton’s sex scandals. Perhaps Anthony and Huma are hoping for similar success in politics.

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