Letter to the Editor: PETERS BASHES SPARACO

Dear Clarkstown Residents,

In response to the Sparaco interview by “Our Town,’ I have concluded that Frank Sparaco’s unprofessional responses to the questions presented verifies that his selection to the part-time “Constituent Service Representative” position created by Wayne Ballard was an improper use of taxpayer money. I am certain that I, as well as any of you, could have selected a more qualified, educated and experienced professional from the 260+ applicants that submitted resumes.

If elected, I will relieve the taxpayers of this $75,000 redundant position. The highly capable office staff and workforce of the Clarkstown Highway Department have been doing these responsibilities prior to his appointment and can surely do them when Mr. Sparaco is gone.

I am currently working for the Town of Clarkstown Highway Department. I have been an employee of the Highway Department for over 34 years, 27 of those years I have been in a position of supervisor. I am an experienced professional with the knowledge and insight necessary to provide better service and savings for you the residents of Clarkstown.

Together we can ‘pave’ the way to a better Clarkstown.

Stephen F. Peters (C)
Candidate for Town of Clarkstown superintendent of Highways

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