Democratic primary candidate and incumbent Supervisor Howard Phillips

HowardsPhotoHoward Phillips is a lifelong resident of the Town of Haverstraw who has been the Supervisor from 2002 to the present. Mr. Phillips was the Director of Finance for the Town of Haverstraw from 1983-2002. He served as a Rockland County Legislator from 1996-2002 and was chosen by his colleagues to serve as Vice Chairman for the last four years as a County Legislator. He has served as Secretary for the Town Planning Board, Zoning Board, Architectural Review Board and Shade Tree Commission. He has been appointed to numerous State, County and Town committees. Mr. Phillips has secured over $20 million dollars in grants, developed Bowline Point Park with such amenities as two water slides, new kiddie pool, water spray area, handicapped restrooms, Tom Lawless Pavilion, John Grant Gazebo and fishing dock at no cost to the local taxpayer. He has secured grants for Cheesecote Mountain Park, road repaving, curb replacement and police equipment. During his administration, the Town of Haverstraw has maintained the lowest Town and Sewer Tax in Rockland County as well as recently rated by the New York State Comptroller’s Office to be in the best condition of any town in Rockland County.


1. To continue to provide the most affordable, accountable and accessible town government in the State of New York.

2. To attract ratables to the Town of Haverstraw to help offset the cost of taxes.

3. To give law enforcement the tools they need to fight crime within the community.

4. To properly develop 175 acres of land at Letchworth Village for the benefit our residents.

5. To continue to enhance our recreation activities, Parks Department, Youth Board, Senior Citizens program, open-air concerts,

Leadership strengths

My experience as Director of Finance for twenty years under Supervisor Rotella and Supervisor Lawless as well as being a Rockland County Legislator for six years, Vice Chairman of the Legislator for four years, Supervisor of the Town of Haverstraw for over 11 years as well as serving on numerous State, County and Town committees has given me a unique understanding of State, County, Town and Village government. During my career, I have secured over 20 million dollars in grants, maintained the lowest Town and sewer tax in Rockland County. Fiscal year ending 2012, the New York State Comptroller’s Office ranked the Town of Haverstraw better than any other Town in Rockland County as to financial condition. We have attracted major businesses to the Town of Haverstraw, developed shopping centers, single family homes and senior citizen housing. We have improved our Parks Department by building a canoe and kayak launch, taking a 60 acre landfill and turning it into a beautiful park. We have enhanced the amenities at Bowline Point Park at no cost to the local taxpayer. We have developed programs such as open air concerts, youth board activities, the Annual Air Show and host of other programs. We have also fought crime using a global approach of several different law enforcement agencies which has enabled us to reduce crime.


Maintaining affordable Town government by attracting new businesses into the community

Developing 175 acres of surplus land acquired from the State of New York as well as ensuring the proper law enforcement protection throughout the Town of Haverstraw

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