The Musical Underbelly…now with Bass!


Ladies and Gentlemen… Ross Parker and Hugh Charles once wrote “There will always be an England”… the Sex Pistols made this their anthem.  England has always been known in the melodic communities for their unwavering dedication and contribution to the music industry. This is a country that produced legends like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. A country that brought today’s favorites like Adele, Ed Sheeran and most recently, One Direction, still has a few hidden gems up its sleeves.

So where’s the music these days? One in London has to look no further than the torrid depths of the London internet underground stations. One in particular, has been boasting listeners thanks to its incredible social media connections, from across the globe. This reporter was lucky enough to stumble across the Saturday’s 10 p.m. – 12 midnight show last week which was the middle gooey filling to an entire night of DJs pumping UK Garage, Grime and House music.  You may be wondering if this is what has become of the norm, but with the exception of pop stations, this is what you’ll find scrolling through the English radio dial.

I know what you’re thinking, how you could compare the Legends of Rock and even the musical torture of One Direction to what is usually considered dance floor noise and rave fodder. Well as an avid rocker and musical lover extraordinaire I considered it an honor to listen to these DJs do what they do. The crew which held that time slot is the now infamous Team Dirty/ Brothers-In-Arms. Consisting of master DJs L-Jay and Dubz-D and of emcee’s and artists:  Flamezee ,  Flamezos, Pikez MC and on occasion, N.E Deejay (aka Noerras).

This crew has managed to infiltrate the London Club scene showing up weekend after weekend at various venues, including the infamous Opera House. Boasting original tunes by brother team Flamezee and Flamezos, (including Flamezee’s new single “Way it’s Going Down”),  and master mixing by their magical fingered DJs, they keep the clubs and radios across London and the internet thumping without a second to come up for air.

This is only one of many crews rocking the underbelly of the musical universe of House and Garage music across the globe. They have even managed to change the opinion of genre non-believers and naysayers alike.  This reporter is no exception to the new golden rule. If it has a bass line… turn it up higher. Check out Team Dirty/Brothers-In-Arms every Saturday 5-7 p.m. EST on or follow on Twitter at #TeamDirty and #BIAGroupee.

Stay Tuned!

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