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IMG_20131001_221313So I’m part of the population referred to as “Gen Y”… Millenials, if you will. And if you want to be totally blunt and straight forward – 30 years old is staring me directly in the face! We are the children of the “Baby Boomer” generation. We are the ones constantly connected to the internet, better known as the smartphone

🙂 We are ready & more willing than our elders, the Gen X & Baby Boomer generations, to test out & try various products after checking the reviews online. We also have a tremendous amount of spending power and we’re not afraid to shell out those dollars to get what we want! Hence, contributing to my obsession with seeking out the best skincare & makeup products on the market – it’s a “Gen Y” thing 😛IMG_20131007_205510

So, what does this all mean? It means although I do try many, many products, I choose to share my absolute favorite finds with you little nuggets. And since I’m part of the Gen Y population, I am becoming more concerned and aware of ‘preservation’ – using products that help keep my skin looking bouncy and beautiful!

I was introduced to the skyn ICELAND skincare company this past summer when I attended their fashion and beauty blogger event at Henri Bendel in NYC (Read all about that fabulous event here). As soon as I product tested items in the goodie bag I took home that night, I was hooked on this brand. I am not typically a masking gal. Yes, I love & use my skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gel Pads once per week, however, a full face mask isn’t usually my forte. I knew that skyn ICELAND would be launching a brand new face mask this Fall, but wasn’t quite sure what to expect. My little nuggety package arrived last week, and I have been happily product testing their Fresh Start Mask with Ice Age Mud ($39 USD for 6 masks) ever since 🙂 This unique mask comes in 2 easy-to-follow steps. You literally can’t mess it up since each part is clearly labeled on the package and instructions are simple to follow – phew!

IMG_20131009_075935Step 1: Spread an even layer of blue clay (it is in fact blue!) over entire face. This clay is an oxygenating mud from the Ice Age that goes on with a refreshing, cooling sensation. Sounds powerful, right? It is!

Step 2: Spread an equally even layer of gel over entire face, blending in with the blue clay. This highly effective AHA gel complex is composed of 5 fruit and sugar acids that work together to detoxify and relieve overly stressed skin – we all need this!


After you gently rub & work contents into skin from both step 1 & step 2, get ready to watch / feel the magic happen! It’s not ‘technically’ a step, but I like to think of this part of the application as ‘step 3’ since you can actively feel the mask becoming warm & foaming up, as well as, seeing it change color from blue to white. But there is so much MORE that this mask is doing…and it’s all happening within the 10 minutes of leaving it on the skin! It promotes cell turnover for better cell efficiency & function, eliminates dry & dead skin cells at the surface of the face, detoxifies skin leading to improved tone & texture, and lastly (& to my delight!) it improves skin density to counteract visible signs of aging! Woo! The Gen Y inside me is oh, so grateful!! After 10 minutes, you remove the mask with a warm, water-soaked towel, revealing a brighter & visibly more radiant complexion. This mask is super soothing, easy to use, smells amazing and gives you that extra added glow. And when I say “glow” – I REALLY mean it! Not only are the immediate results right after removal incredible, but the morning after you applied the mask, you will look in the mirror and just think WOW-eeee! Instead of looking like you just rolled out of bed, you will be happy to see a face that’s bright with a much more even tone & texture – smoother than silk! I just loved trying out this mask, and my friend Samantha who is a big skyn ICELAND supporter shared some of her own reviews with me on the Fresh Start Mask with Ice Age Mud too! Always good to read different POV’s 🙂 But I think you’ll notice we’re basically in agreement on this one!

“It has helped with drying up some blemishes which is great. It also definitely does promote cell renewal because I noticed that dead skin was coming off at a much quicker rate than usual, helping for new skin to appear. I think I am noticing a change in the overall clarity and coloring of my skin. Things are slightly more even toned than before. I think what is the coolest part though is you wake up looking pretty awesome, which is a nice confidence booster in the morning”

Masks are ALL the rage in skincare beauty now. I have tried several and this mask holds the #1 spot in my heart. I love that when I put this mask on I feel like I am fully pampering myself. The benefits are wonderful and I’m looking forward to seeing even more improvement in my skin with continued usage. Thanks skyn ICELAND for creating this one – it’s a winner!

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