Re-elect Justice Daniel Angiolillo to the New York Supreme Court

1013094_544617832240459_1617274546_nIt is not often that The Rockland County Times utilizes this important space to endorse candidates for public office, but there is a candidate this year who more than warrants our readers’ strong consideration for re-election.

Of the 10 candidates vying for the five open Ninth Judicial District (which includes Rockland County) New York State Supreme Court seats on Election Day, November 5, there is one candidate whose sterling resume, admirable personal qualities, and service to family and community make him a convincing choice for re-election.

That candidate is New York Supreme Court Justice Daniel Angiolillo.

The service that the people of Rockland County and the Ninth Judicial District have received from Justice Angiolillo for the past 14 years has been distinctive. Shortly after he was resoundingly elected to New York’s Supreme Court in 1999, Justice Angiolillo was named Presiding Justice of New York State’s (and the nation’s) first Integrated Domestic Violence Court. Then, in 2006 and 2010, former New York Governors George E. Pataki and David A. Paterson appointed him to serve on the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, and as a Constitutional Associate Justice, respectively.

Justice Angiolillo’s intelligence, integrity and even judicial temperament are renowned among attorneys and parties who appear before him, as well as to his fellow jurists. He is known as a meticulous judge who first does his homework, and then renders decisions with an approach that is marked for consistency and compassion.

The qualities that make Justice Angiolillo a superb jurist are also evidenced by the service he has rendered to his family and his community. A devoted husband and father for over 30 years, he and his wife, Mary, have lovingly raised – and continue to personally care for – a special-needs daughter who is afflicted with Prader-Willi Syndrome (Justice Angiolillo is President Emeritus of the Prader-Willi Alliance of New York, Inc.). Among the many service awards he has received are the “In the Trenches” Award from The Lawyers Committee Against Domestic Violence, and the Victim’s Assistance of Westchester County “Art of Courage” Award.

The people of Rockland County and the Ninth Judicial District are fortunate to have Justice Daniel Angiolillo serving them on New York’s Supreme Court; we strongly and enthusiastically encourage our readers to vote for him on November 5.

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