RCT Gives New Regal Cinema TWO THUMBS UP

Comfortable, accessible and less noisy than the mall!

1005367_10151983793639313_1106187617_nThere has been some shuffling of the Rockland County movie theatre deck in the past month, and for the first time in a decade, options are improving for Rockland consumers. When the Palisades Mall and its 21-theatre megaplex came to town over a decade ago, small theaters wilted in its wake.

The worm has turned: say hello to the brand new Regal Cinemas 12 at the Shops at Nanuet, not to mention the new art and independent-focused Bow Tie six screen cinema in New City. We haven’t scoped out Bow Tie, which bought out Clearview this year, but having a more “artsy” theatre should be a good thing for Rockland.

The Rockland County Times has had a chance to give the new Regal Cinema at the Shops at Nanuet the once over and the place looks great. The external appearance is what you’d expect from a new state-of-the-art theatre, but the unexpected bonus comes when you enter the actual movie rooms. The leg space is vast and the seating is very comfortable. The arm rests that are retractable, making it easy for couples to canoodle. Another added bonus, the service is very friendly.

As the Shops at Nanuet has fewer stores and less traffic than the Palisades Mall, parking is much easier for those heading out specifically to see a film. The Nanuet Regal location lacks the heavy mental weight that almost everyone associates with a trip to the Palisades Mall. It’s easy and pleasing.

The theatres also are smaller and more intimate. It seems Regal has done its research and concluded that a comfortable, inviting smaller theatre can be handsomely profitable as it will earn loyalty from customers. The only downside to the Regal Cinema when compared to the Palisades megaplex is that Palisades has nine more screens and thus more options. Palisades also is home to our only local IMAX theatre.

The big mall’s theatre will not be going anywhere, but for those not inclined to take a trip to the super-sized West Nyack mall with all its traffic, crime and headaches, you now have a legitimate, bona fide second option in Nanuet.

The Rockland County Times gives the new Regal Cinemas 12 in Nanuet: TWO THUMBS UP. Enjoy!

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