Pezzementi’s Other Neighbor Defends Him

To the Editor,

I live on Lindbergh Rd. in Stony Point next to Northern Tree Service and I find it very sad that someone could go to the lengths that they are in trying to ruin Todd Pezzementi and his company. He has been parking his trucks on his property for over 10 years and now all of a sudden someone wants him gone. Why? He does not make noise, he does not operate at night.

Todd is raising his family and trying to make a living. Todd Pezzementi and his family are always willing to help anyone who needs it and his family has been on this street for 100 years. There are only two people that are complaining about him and I think it is unfair what is being done to him.

I back Todd Pezzementi and Northern Tree Service 100 percent. He is a father of three beautiful girls and is trying to provide for his family, the complaintants should leave him alone. The Town of Stony Point should help him instead of letting people slander him.


Donna Clark
Lindbergh St., Stony Point

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  2. bwaligora   December 21, 2013 at 11:39 am

    Dear editor & readers of the Rockland County Times.

    Let me start off with some transparency…I am the brother-in-law of Todd Pezzementi of which this article was written about. Upon reading the article (which was very well written I might add), I was a little perturbed about the happenings within Rockland County / Stony Point regarding Todd, his business and his neighbor Marge Fonseca.
    A couple things seem to be jumping out at me that really make me feel that my opinion should be heard as well even though I don’t live in Stony Point. And I’d like to outline those below…
    First, it’s amazing as a resident of the state of Georgia, how the state of New York (and its county and city municipalities) are treating a local business person. I’ve read that over 3.4 million residents (representing over $45 Billion in income for the state) have opted to leave NY over the last decade. With the way Todd Pezzementi is being treated, it’s no wonder. Todd’s business which has been located on Lindbergh Road for 20+ years has brought much help and positive things to your community.
    Local and small businesses are the foundation of this country. You can’t listen to the news today without hearing about how hard it is for small businesses given all that is taking place in Washington DC. Yet here we have a man and his company who are being put through the ringer, and making it so difficult on him to run his business to support his family because ONE neighbor (of several) has an issue with the noise from his equipment engines. Other neighbors are even writing letters to you in support of Todd. It seems pretty clear from an outsider’s point of view that Mrs. Fonseca’s dispute with Todd is more personal than it is “objective”.
    Besides the obvious service that Todd’s service provides residents and local businesses with their tree and landscape needs, Todd and his team also have volunteered their time to help other communities in times of need. An example of this was after Hurricane Sandy in which Todd and his team went to afflicted areas and helped (pro-bono) people with their emergency needs.
    Also, for many years, Todd has also served as a source to keep Rockland County & Stony Point roads and parking lots clear of snow. As his brother –in-law I’ve personally spoken to him late at night and when asked “What are you up to” his response was “clearing parking lots of the snow…will be all night”.
    Todd Pezzementi and his company, bring many things to the citizens of Rockland County & Stony Point. His company and team provide emergency help with tree removal during storms, road clearings (trees and snow), but more importantly his company is a family owned and run business that brings revenue and tax income to the county.
    Now as it pertains to the dispute with Mrs. Fonseca….when I purchased my house (any of the houses that I’ve bought), I took a look around the neighborhood. I drove to the house in the morning, afternoon and night to see what the surrounding area looked like, sounded like, type of neighbors etc. severl times before I purchased the property and took ownership. It sounds to me like the Fonseca family did not pay any attention to their surroundings when purchasing their home.
    I have children, and if I had moved to a home next to someone on the Sexual Predator List without looking first and then finding out that I moved next door to a child molester…it wouldn’t be the child molester’s fault that I moved there…it would be mine for not paying any attention to my new surroundings before I decided to move there. So Mrs. Fonseca really should have done her homework a little better.
    Furthermore, Todd and his team do call Lindbergh Road their “office location” and “hub” but the fact of the matter, that 99.9% of the work that they do takes place away from Lindbergh Road. So in all essence, how much noise can possibly take place at that location? The starting of some engines? The driving away of about 50-100 yards? It’s not like they cut down trees at that location from dusk till dawn….their work is done offsite within the county and surrounding communities. So how much noise can possibly be made to make this woman’s life so unbearable that this has turned into the Hatfield-McCoy dispute of Rockland County!
    Now I could go on and tell you how wonderful of a father Todd is and bring up the story of him helping in the rescue of that motorist…but your reporter did a great job of researching Todd and providing good (and not so good) historical information about him. Not to mention as his brother-in-law you would probably think all my opinions are skewed and biased.
    However, it was very easy for the reporter to do a full recap of Todd and his positive and negative situations. But how come there was no mention of Mrs. Fonseca and anything she has done (again positive or negative)? Has she ever done anything worthy of earning a Medal of Honor from the county? Has she ever made any mistakes that were newsworthy? It’s easy to point fingers and paint a picture of Todd…..he is involved in his community and makes a difference. Todd is out and about working, creating jobs, bringing in revenue and tax income for your county, raising a family (three adorable girls by the way…sorry that’s my Uncle Pride) and being an involved citizen. Mrs. Fonseca seems to be an irritated old woman with nothing better to do with her time than cause a stink.
    I hope that the community and readers of this article take a stand. Take a stand for small business, take a stand for your citizens and for people who make a difference in your community. Stand up for your heroes who live and serve within your community instead of stomping them down and making them pay for the unhappiness of those who are bitter. Stop allowing individuals to make it difficult to ruin what makes America strong.

  3. britfons513   December 21, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    This is cute .I just find it pretty funny how fake people can be.I remember neighbors coming to my family complaining about the business being there as well.And as for the noise.UHMM yea it does get VERY noisy.Especially when u have dogs barking at the trucks every five minutes. And when you are trying to have family gatherings ,it is quite distracting. I completely understand that this is a business and he has been here for years but at the same time when we moved in there was nothing but a box truck and a woodchipper so please dont say the business remained the same until now.My family never had a problem with the pezzementi’s.As a matter of fact, i would let the girls come over any time they wanted and played with them for hours.My family did not want this to happen but it just got out of hand.Nobody would EVER buy this house if we tried to sell it because of the business in a RESIDENTIAL AREA.

    • britfons513   December 21, 2013 at 5:13 pm

      and he has FOUR girls

  4. dzdnconf527   December 26, 2013 at 3:26 pm

    I am commenting on this because this has gone way too far with lies. First of all, you say you like my children well at one point you may have but to post such lies and publicize your frustrations on a social network in which my child is on is not showing any concern or compassion for them.
    You say Todd is not approachable, have you ever tried? Let me answer that for you…. NO.
    Britney you say that your family never knew what was going on next door as far as the resurfacing of the property. Well guess what, that’s a lie, I personally talked with your father and told him I even walked him over and showed him exactly what we were doing and his words to me were “he does not care what we do because It doesn’t affect him in any way he could care less”. Well gee for a person who doesn’t care what happens and you care less you go to a newspaper and degrade your neighbors for the community to see, boy looks like you like the lime light. You definitely fit in Rockland with the Drama BS.
    You know that old saying “people in glass houses should not throw stones”. Well since we want to be honest let me fill you in on what happens next door at the fonseca residence.
    You made reference to the “beautiful bushes” that divide the two properties. The only beauty you saw with those bushes is the simple fact that they hid “activity” on your deck . If we are going to throw stones lets bring in the “activity” that goes on revolving around your mailbox day and night not to mention all the different vehicles that utilize your mailbox as well.
    You are such a hypocrite you have no right saying anything about the workers. Just because they are Spanish does not mean that they are illegal so stop making assumptions that you know nothing about and stop being so prejudice. They are the most sincere, kindest, honest and hardworking Spanish people I know.
    You tell everyone else they should investigate before they write well you should do the same because you were not without water for 10 days you had the town come and connect shortly thereafter or is this your way of getting the communities support for your pity party.
    As far as your comment with the dogs barking that is BS the only dogs that bark all the time are your three dogs, which none of you hear because you are oblivious to what you want to be oblivious to.
    I think this has gone on long enough and needs to stop, the only thing this has done was scar the names of two families and the business involved. At the end of the day, the community may read and comment their theories and concerns even put their own digs in but in reality at the end of the day they don’t care what goes on they have their own lives to live so put this to rest and lest start the new year without all the drama. Oh by the way Merry Christmas.

  5. britfons513   January 8, 2014 at 7:11 pm

    happy new year

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