Cat_AbracadabraMeet Abracadabra. Only a short time ago, this sweet kitten had eyes that were very red and swollen, a really horrible sight. For months she suffered with a painful condition called entropion, where the eyelids turn in. Finally, circumstances were right to have an operation to correct the problem. Now healed, this lovable kitty languishes away, alone, in a cage.

First Abracadabra lost her mother, then her littermates, and then her best friend. Almost always confined to a cage, she needs a home where she can run and play and be the kitten she was meant to be. We know she will be a wonderful loving pet and cherish you as much as you will cherish her. To meet Abracadabra, come to Hi-Tor Animal Care Center, 65 Fireman’s Memorial Dr., Pomona, NY, or call 845-354-7900.


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