Happy 100 Years to Catherine Seminara, a Haverstraw Original

1934 wedding photo
1934 wedding photo

Dozens of family members and friends of Catherine Seminara gathered together at Pasta Cucina in Stony Point Sunday to celebrate a long life well-lived. Catherine turned 100 this week and is still going strong.

Catherine, who moved to West Haverstraw from Pennsylvania at age 16 in 1930 and married Fred D. Seminara in 1934, lived on East Railroad Rd. for many decades. Her husband served as mayor of West Haverstraw in the early 1970s and as president of the Fireman’s Association from 1949-51. Fred was also known for his famous “Saturday Morning coffee club” at his barber shop on East Railroad.CAM00028

Catherine’s number one secret to longevity, she said, is “hard work.” She also credited moderation: not drinking much and never smoking, as well good food, a happy family and “a little fun.” Foremost on her mind on Sunday was the presence of her family. “It’s great to see all the family here together happy and at peace,” she said.

As for Haverstraw, she said, “There has been a lot of changes, but people are still there.”

Her children Richard and


Rosemary “Toots” were on hand at Pasta Cucina along with grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Seeing his mother turn 100 was “Amazing, absolutely amazing,” Richard said, the baby of the family.

Catherine’s first son Frederic passed away in 2012.

The Town Board of Haverstraw named February 2-8 Catherine Seminara Week in honor of her 100th birthday

Haverstraw Planning Board member and longtime politico Sal Corallo moved to Haverstraw in the early 1970s. He said the Seminara family gave him an introduction to Rockland County. “They educated me on the whole Rockland area. I’ve known the family for over 40 years.”

Many of Catherine’s grandchildren are well known in the area too. Marla Mariotti-Dubois and her sister Laura Mariotti are active in community organizations, while granddaugther Melissa is a corrections officer at the county jail.

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